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A Bit of Background

We can see Diversity Dialogue as a collection of workshops designed to help create a better, safer and healthier environment by and for our future generations. It encapsulates an urgent need for the development and growth of humans as individuals and as a society. The more we move away from our regressive mentality and inherent biases, the better.

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Bringing Change

One Step at a Time

Students become who they are through their daily experiences and interactions with various members of the society (teachers, parents and other kids) and they imbibe that knowledge and form opinions. To fulfill that dream of a healthier environment, we have to challenge these very opinions, not to change them, but in fact to create young adults who think and are not kept by the inherent biases and regressive mentality that we humans have been passed on by the adults in our lives. We want our young adults to possess the most important trait of a human being. The power and ability to make their own choices.

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Understanding The Community

Ever since the whole idea of starting an initiative like ours struck us, there was one thing that remained constant. An innate need and responsibility to spread more awareness due to the existing false narratives in our society. Tandem Tales focuses on stories of people like you and me, some battling forces of hate speech, from others and some from themselves. These stories share the experiences of people, not necessarily met with instances of external conflict, but, battles of their own. These are stories of people who’ve come to peace with themselves and with aspects about themselves. These stories are very real. Very subjective. More importantly, they are Ordinarily Extraordinary.

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Navya Khanna, Founder and President

She is a student of Political Science from Kamala Nehru College. Unfortunately for her, she has turned her passion into what she studies. In turn, finding peace in peacemaking.

Mragank Purwar, Co- Founder

He is a student of Journalism from Delhi University. He has an interest in all things art and aesthetic. But, mostly he likes listen to music.

Shreya Kashyap, Co- Founder

She is a student of Political Science from Kamala Nehru College , DU. She is passionate about photography , music , politics ( strictly non- divisional) and most importantly about smashing patriarchy one step at a time!

Sugandhana Ahluwalia, Co- Founder

She is a student currently pursuing Political Science from the University of Delhi, with great leaning towards politics, music, sports and movies that give her unrealistic expectations.


Johan Galtung

"By peace we mean the capacity to transform conflicts with empathy, without violence, and creatively - a never-ending process."



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